Introduction of 10,000 eggs/hr Egg Washing Machine Line

Stainless Steel 10,000 eggs/hr egg washing machine line is specially designed to clean dirty eggs. It consists of egg loading, candling, disinfectant dispenser, washing, drying, grading(optional), and collecting. High efficiency, low power, durable and beautiful surface. It is more and more popular among egg farmers and poultry farmers.

2 models of egg cleaning line for choice: 202A (without grading) and 302AS (with grading function).

industrial eggs washing machine with candling, drying, collecting

202A Egg cleaning processing line

302AS egg cleaning grading line

302AS Egg cleaning processing line

Processing Steps of Egg Cleaning System

1) Suck up eggs onto egg loading and aligning box with a vacuum egg lifter(30 eggs a time)
2) Eggs will be conveyed into an egg candling booth. Here, workers can select out cracked eggs,black-cored eggs, eggs that have gone bad due to some other reasons with the help of egg testing tube lights.
3) Egg cleaning machine washes eggs with warm water and specialized egg cleaning brushes.
4) Egg drying machine dries washed eggs with specialized egg drying brushes and strong heated wind produced by drying fans installed within the egg cleaning machine.
5) Egg grading machine for sorting eggs into 6 grades by weight, with accuracy ± 1g. The egg grading machine is equipped with a color touchscreen PLC and a self-diagnose system.
6) At last, respectively operators pack eggs into egg trays or boxes for sale.

layout of 202A egg processing line

Layout of 202A egg processing line

302AS egg cleaning processing line layout

Layout of 302AS egg processing line

Main Equipment of Automatic Egg Washing Processing Line

1. Vacuum egg lifter

First, eggs are sucked onto the roller of the egg loading unit by a vacuum egg lifter ( 5*6 =30 eggs each suck). The vacuum egg lifter is sucked by a motor but lift up and down by hand, which helps workers to load eggs onto the egg machine more easily.

Vacuum egg lifter with silicone cups

vacuum egg lifter

2. Eggs accumulator

The egg loading unit transports the eggs towards the weighing part, the shape of rollers has been specially designed, that make sure the eggs align automatically, so as to guarantee all the eggs enter the egg washer in good order. It can connect the egg belt directly.

egg loading unit

3. Eggs candling

Candler with a light source has been installed under the egg accumulator to help operators to check whether there are any bad eggs. For example eggs with cracks, eggs with black core, eggs having gone bad be selected out by hand.

egg candling machine

4.Disinfectant dispenser

There is a bottle that has disinfectant( customers should prepare disinfectant or others by themselves), the disinfectant will spray on the eggs.


5. Eggs washing and drying

There are 3 bushes in this type of egg cleaning machine, egg will be cleaned with warm water by the brush. The egg will be dried by strong heated wind generated by the drying fan.

egg washing machine and drying machine

6. Collecting eggs for 202A egg processing line

At last, respectively workers pack eggs located on the egg collecting table by hand.

eggs collecting table

7. Egg Grading for 302AS egg processing line

Eggs will enter the  egg grading machine where eggs are graded by weight. Eggs of different weights will fall down onto different lanes of the egg grading machine. And then the workers pack the eggs of different grades respectively.

egg grading

Model 202A 302AS
Capacity 10,000eggs/h 10,000eggs/h
Power 12.3kw 12kw, 50Hz
Dimension 7.8*2.4*1.4m 12.5*2.7*2 m
Net weight 800kg 1,200 kg
Gross weight 1,050 kg 1,850 kg

Working Videos of 10,000 eggs/hr Eggs Cleaning Line

202A Eggs Cleaning Line

302AS Eggs Cleaning Line