Introduction of Quail Egg Boiling Shelling Production Line

TD-206-A quail egg boiling shelling production line integrates quail egg low-temperature soaking, spiral egg cooking, low-temperature cooling, shell crushing, shelling, and marinating, and can be equipped with functions such as drying and packaging according to process requirements.

marianted shelled boiled quali eggs production line

Main Functions of Quail Egg Boiling Shelling Line

1. Soaking and conveying

After being processed by the pre-warming egg conveyor, stale and broken eggs are manually removed;

2. Spiral boiling eggs

During the cooking process, the eggs can be turned over with the spiral egg-boiling mechanism to improve the eccentricity of the yolk and increase the yield;

3. Cooling

The cooked eggs are sprayed and cooled with cold water;

4. Breaking the quail eggshell

The quail eggs shell is broken before peeling, which is convenient for later peeling;

5. Shelling

Remove the eggshell by the quail egg shelling machine.

6. Selection

Manually select bad eggs, wash and transport the finished eggs;

7. Marinating

The eggs are marinated according to different process requirements.

8. Blow-drying

The marinated eggs are blown and cooled to facilitate packaging.

functions and processing steps of quail eggs boiling shelling marinating production line

Technical Data of Quail Eggs Boiling Shelling Processing Line

  • Model: TD-206-A
  • Capacity: 40,000 quail eggs per hour
  • Power: 3.6 kw
  • Dimension: 15m*10m*2.5m (L*W*H)
  • Application: suitable for processing quail eggs

Working video for large capacity quail eggs peeling line