Introduction of Preserved Eggs Cleaning Line

Preserved egg washing drying line consists of egg conveyor for loading eggs in the water tank, special brushes for cleaning eggs horizontally, and drying system for removing surface water on eggs. This eggs cleaning line is suitable for cleaning preserved eggs, mud eggs, water salted eggs, and salt-preserved eggs.

commercial preserved duck eggs cleaning drying machine unit

Features of Preserved Eggs Cleaning Drying Machine

  1. Conveyor egg in water,save labor, improve efficiency;
  2. Special nylon brush,good flexible,wear-resistant, clean,fast;
  3. Made of 304 stainless steel,corrosion-resistant,beautiful and practical.
features of preserved eggs cleaning machine

Functions of Preserved Eggs Cleaning Line

  1. Six-rows conveyor 

Put the preserved eggs into the water tank, conveyed by the six rows conveyor to the next process.

  1. High-pressure spray

high-pressure water spray.

  1. Brush cleaning

The brush cleans eggs horizontally. While cleaning eggs, brushes keep rotating; at the same time, water is spraying onto the brush to ensure the eggs are cleaned completely.

  1. Egg drying

The fan supporting the use of special full-blown dry mouth,a special drying system to ensure product quality.

Technical Data of Preserved Eggs Cleaning Drying Line

  • Model: MT-106-D2
  • Capacity: 18000-20000 eggs/hour
  • Dimension: 16800*1600*2000mm(L*W*H)
  • Power: 25kw