Introduction of Liquid Egg Processing Line

Our liquid egg processing line is composed of the egg washing drying system and centrifuge egg liquid & eggshells separator machine. This egg processing line is for manufacturing whole egg liquid, which gives egg manufacturing plants the opportunity into a profitable business. If you want to produce liquid egg yolk and liquid egg white, the egg breaking production line with a capacity of 12,000-15,000 eggs/hr is your best choice.

  • The liquid egg processing line is made of high-quality stainless steel for great durability and hygiene.
  • It meets all safety and food processing requirements for companies that produce liquid eggs or use egg liquids as raw material, such as bakeries, cake factories, dessert factories, and other food processing industries.
liquid eggs manufacturing line for sale

Liquid Egg Manufacturing Process

liquid eggs processing flow chart

Water tank loading washing drying candling (optaional) liquid egg & eggshells separating

Technical Data of Egg Liquid Production Line

Model 300C
Capacity 10,000 eggs/hour
Power 10.2 kw, 50Hz
Voltage 380v-415v, three-phase
Dimension 8.8*1.1*2 m
Net weight 550 kg
Gross weight 850 kg
Function Water tank loading, sanitizer spraying(optional), washing, drying, candling (optional), separating eggshells and liquids

Working Video of Egg Liquid Production Line