Introduction of Fresh Eggs Cleaning Grading Packing Line

The automatic fresh egg cleaning grading packing line can process 30,000 eggs per hour, it is a good solution for egg farms or egg processing plants. The main functions of this egg processing line are egg feeding, brush cleaning, drying, sterilizing, atomization oiling, candling, grading packing, and egg crack detection. All these processing steps are completed automatically.

egg processing plant for cleaning drying grading packing

Advantages of Automatic Fresh Eggs Cleaning Grading Packing Line

  1.  Automatically adjust the pointy end of all eggs down with rubber materials;
  2. Each egg are transported and handled individually;
  3. With special design, each egg can be cleaned well, would not cause the second pollution between eggs;
  4. After egg cleaning, eggs are dried well, neither damage the quality of eggs nor cause egg breakage;
  5. With a special system of egg oiling, all the egg surfaces can be oiled evenly.
  6. Easy for replacement spare parts if needed, minimize your downtime.
  7. Minimize machine turns, reduce egg breakage rate.
  8. Through the touch screen operation of the egg grading machine, eggs can be classified into 7 grades according to the egg weight.
  9. The egg packing machine is suitable for 30-eggs paper trays or plastic trays, and special for15-eggs, 18-eggs, 12-eggs, 10-eggs egg trays.
  10. You can choose dispatch tray automatically or manually.
Clean eggs packed in egg trays

Technical Data of Fresh Eggs Cleaning Grading Packing Processing Line

  • Model: TD-101-3
  • Capacity: 30,000 eggs/hour
  • Power: 30 kW
  • Dimension: 23*8*2m (L*W*H)
  • Application: suitable for fresh eggs