Introduction of Egg Cleaning Candling Breaking Line

The egg cleaning candling breaking line has functions of automatic egg loading in the water tank, washing, drying, candling, and egg breaking and realizes automatic operation. A fully automatic rotary egg breaking machine can fulfill automatic and continuous operations from manual egg selecting, conveying, catching eggs, cracking eggs, breaking eggs, egg white & egg yolk separation, and throwing out eggshells, which improves production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Egg yolk and egg white can be separated or not separated based on customers’ needs.

liquid egg production line

Features of Egg Cleaning Candling Breaking Line

1. Loading eggs in the water

Eggs are automatically loaded through the water tank and transported to the next step for cleaning;

2. Egg cleaning

The egg is cleaned with a special cleaning brush, the egg keeps rotating while being transported, and the egg is scrubbed in all directions;

3. Blow drying at low temperature

Dry eggs at low temperature to remove the water attached to the surface of the egg;

4. Candling

A special light source irradiates the eggs, and then the worker picks out bad eggs, cracked eggs, broken eggs, and other defective eggs;

5. Egg breaking

An automatic rotary egg breaking machine, egg yolk, and egg white can be collected separately.

main processing steps of egg cleaning candling breaking line

Technical Data of Egg Washing Candling Breaking Line

  • Model: TD-500-1
  • Power: 5 kW
  • Capacity: 5,000 eggs per hour
  • Size: 6m *1.2m *2.1m ( L*W*H )
  • Application: fresh eggs