Introduction of Egg Boiling Peeling Marinating Production Line

TD-201 egg boiling peeling marinating production line is currently the most advanced marinated eggs or hard-boiled eggs processing equipment. The egg processing line includes vacuum egg loading, cleaning, candling, pre-cooking, cooling, peeling, picking, automatic counting, marinating, drying, and other functions.

marinated eggs production line

Features of Marinated Eggs Processing line

  1. Visual touch screen operating system, intuitive operation, convenient;
  2. Continuous production, less staff required, high production efficiency;
  3. Unique eggs pre-cooking system for centering eggs yolk, to improve the yolk eccentric;
  4. Water vapor heating system, lower energy consumption, high heating efficiency;
  5. Made of food grade stainless steel, safety, and health.

Main Machines and Functions of The Marinated Boiled Egg Processing Line

main machines and processingsteps of eggs boiling shelling marinating production line

1. Egg cleaning system

  • Workers put the whole trays of eggs on the conveyor belt of the egg loader. After the egg trays are in place, the eggs will be sucked onto the conveyor roller by the suction cup of the egg loader, and the empty egg tray can be automatically stacked.
  • Using the light source and transmission system to transmit the eggs, it can detect defective eggs such as broken eggs, foreign eggs, cracked eggs, etc.
  • Through the electronic weighing system, the extra-large and extra-small eggs in the raw eggs are removed by weight to ensure the balanced quality of the finished marinated eggs;
  • Spray with clean water, the eggs will be guaranteed to rotate during the conveying process, and the eggs will be scrubbed in all directions with brush

2. Eggs boiling system

  • The cleaned eggs are evenly arranged on the conveying rod after being divided and conveyed to the centering tank.
  • Centering and pre-cooking the eggs. The unique centering pre-cooking system uses warm water to slowly heat up, and the eggs keep rotating during the conveying process. After preheating, the yolk is biased to the center position, thereby improving the eccentricity of the yolk, to improve the quality of eggs.
  • After pre-setting the cooking time and temperature, use the steam and water mixed heating method to cook the pre-cooked eggs.
  • The cooked eggs are lifted into the cold water tank for cooling, using tap water to cool directly, without the need for high-power refrigeration units

3. Egg Peeling system

  • After being lifted, the cooled eggs enter the peeling machine for the shell breaking and peeling process.
  • The eggs are sprayed and rotated and transported with clean water, and the residual shells on the surface are taken away under the washing of water. When the residual shells attached to the surface or incomplete eggs are detected by visual inspection, they will be manually removed.
  • The eggshells produced after peeling are collected, transported, and processed in a centralized manner.

4. Egg marinating system

  • Eggs can be turned evenly during the marinating process to avoid egg accumulation and white spots, with automatic temperature control and an automatic brine replenishment system.
  • Steam indirectly heats the air for drying to remove part of the moisture in the marinated eggs. The dried marinated eggs can be directly vacuum-packed.
  • The dried marinated eggs are cooled to a suitable temperature, which is convenient for vacuum packaging.

Technical Data of Eggs Boiling Shelling Production Line

  • Model: TD-201
  • Capacity: 20000 eggs/hour
  • Dimension::5*5.2*2.1m (L*W*H)
  • Power: 65kw
  • Application: suitable for the production of boiled eggs, spiced corned eggs, iron eggs, salt-baked eggs