Introduction of Automatic Eggs Washing Grading Line

Automatic egg washing grading line has functions of egg loading with vacuum egg lifter, candling, disinfection spraying, brush washing, drying, mark & code printing(Optional), oil spraying, and egg grading. Well-known individual egg handling with high efficiency.

high quality egg processing equipment for candling, clenaing, drying, grading

Details and Features of Egg Washing Grading Machine Line

1. Vacuum egg lifter

Put the eggs on the rollers of the in-feed conveyor by vacuum eggs lifter, this conveyor suitable for conveying eggs lifted from 6*5 30-eggs egg trays. ;

2. Candling

Workers can pick up the cracked eggs, broken eggs, and other inferior eggs with a special light.

3. Spray disinfection

Spraying disinfectant on the egg surface ;

4. Brush washing

After disinfection, eggs are washed with the special nylon brush and cleaned well.

5. Drying system

Low temperature drying to remove the water attached to the egg surface (low temperature air-dried, will not damage egg quality);

6. Egg marking and coding printer

The egg marking and coding printer is optional. Customers will buy egg printers by themselves or buy from us. A variety of enterprise information required such as the production date, trademarks, etc . can be printed on the surface of the eggshell.

7. Oil spraying system

The oil spraying system can spray the protective liquid oil mist on the egg surface, to form a protective layer, to achieve the purpose of keeping eggs fresh.

8. Electronic egg grading system

According to the weight, eggs are divided into seven grades, from large to small;

9. Electric control system

Through a PLC control system, eggs can be counted, work efficiency and other process parameters can be set, and the working status of the system can be tested. Convenient and easy operation.

details and main components of egg cleaning grading line

Technical Data of Automatic Eggs Washing Grading Line

  • Model: TD-100-2
  • Size: 20.5*5.5*2.1m (L * W * H)
  • Power: 24KW
  • Capacity: 18000-20000 pieces / hour
  • Application: For processing fresh eggs, fresh duck eggs, salted duck eggs

Working Video of Automatic Eggs Washing Grading Line