Introduction of 2,000 eggs/hr Egg Washing Unit

This egg washing unit processes 2,000 eggs an hour and satisfies egg cleaning requirements for small-sized cage-free farms. This egg washing unit has functions of manual loading & candling, sanitizer spraying, brush cleaning, drying, manual collection. Printing and grading functions can be added based on the customer’s needs.

commercial egg washing machine unit
layout of 2000 eggs per hour washing machine unit

Features of Egg Washing Machine Unit

  1. Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene.
  2. Only 2 workers are required (one for loading and candling while the other for collection).
  3. Has a compact structure and occupies minimal space.

Operation Flow of 2000 eggs/hr Egg Washing Equipment

Technical Data of 2,000 eggs/hr Egg Washing Unit

Model ALEW-4
Capacity 2000 eggs/hour
Material Stainless steel
Power 2.6 KW
Voltage 220V,50HZ, single phase
Dimension(L×W×H) 3.8*0.54*1.6m
Net weight 300KG
Function Manual loading, candling, disinfectant dispenser, brush washing, fan