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Egg Processing Line

Liquid Egg Processing Line

Our liquid egg processing line is composed of the egg washing drying system and centrifuge egg liquid & eggshells separator machine. This egg processing line is for manufacturing whole egg liquid, which gives the egg manufacturing plants the opportunity into a profitable business.

3,000 eggs/hr Eggs Cleaning Line

The 3,000 eggs/hr egg cleaning line is automated egg processing equipment, which is used to wash the dirty eggs with warm water and brushes, and then dry them quickly. It is suitable for egg producers, egg product processing factories, and food processing factories.

2,000 eggs/hr Egg Washing Unit

This egg washing unit processes 2,000 eggs an hour and satisfies egg cleaning requirements for small-sized cage-free farms. This egg washing unit has functions of manual loading & candling, sanitizer spraying, brush cleaning, drying, manual collection.

Preserved Eggs Cleaning Drying Line

Preserved egg washing drying line consists of egg conveyor for loading eggs in water tank, special brushes for cleaning eggs horizontally, and drying system for removing surface water on eggs. This eggs cleaning line is suitable for cleaning preserved eggs, mud eggs, water salted egg, and salt preserved eggs. 

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