Introduction of Hatching Eggs Grading Packing Machine

The hatching egg grading packing machine can grade hatching eggs and then pack them automatically. It is widely used in chicken farms and hatcheries.

  • The eggs can be divided into three/four grades by eggs weight;
  • Can keep all eggs big side up, small side down in the egg trays;
  • Automatically dispense trays;
  • Suitable for plastic trays and paper trays of 30 holes or 42 holes.
egg grading candling packing line for packing hatching eggs

Main Functions of Hatching Eggs Grading Packing Machine

The hatching eggs grading packing machine has functions of the egg collection system, candling, grading, adjust the egg orientation, automatic counting of eggs, automatic dispatching of egg trays, and automatic egg packing.

1. Egg collection system

The egg accumulator table is equipped with a plastic conveyor belt, which is easy to clean.

2. Egg candling machine

Through the light transmission of eggs, it can detect broken eggs, cracked eggs, and other defective eggs.

3. Automatic egg counting

Calculate the weight and record the total number of eggs.

4. Egg packing machine

Egg trays can be dispatched in a row quickly and automatically, and eggs can be packed easily.

packed hatching eggs

Technical Data of Hatching Eggs Grading Packing Machine

Model MT-120-1 MT-120-2
Capacity 20,000 eggs/hr 30,000 eggs/hr
Power 3 kw 5 kw
Size( ( L*W*H )) 8.5m * 3.7m *2.2m 7.5m * 3.7m *2.2m
Application hatching eggs