Introduction of Automatic Egg Grading Packing Line

The egg grading packing production line can be connected to the central egg collection system or the supporting egg cleaning line, and the eggs are automatically packed into egg trays.

automatic eggs grading packing line
  • Grading poultry eggs by weight and automatically packing them into egg trays, while adjusting the big end up to facilitate the storage of eggs;
  • With touch screen operation, different grades of weight can be set, up to 6 grades;
  • Suitable for 30 holes paper trays and plastic trays;
  • Egg trays can be dispatched manually or automatically based on your need.

Functions of Automatic Egg Grading Packing Line

functions and processing steps of egg grading packing unit

1. Conveying eggs in rows

Eggs are conveyed by the central egg collection belt to the egg accumulator table, and after the eggs are arranged in an orderly row, they are conveyed to the next process;

2. Orientation adjustment

The orientation adjustment system can automatically adjust and keep the big-end of the egg up, so that the egg is kept big-end up after the egg is placed in the tray, to ensure the freshness of the egg;

3. Grading by weight

After the weighing system weighs each egg, the system will automatically record the weight and quantity for distribution to the corresponding grade of conveyor belt;

4. Transmission system

The weighed eggs are transported to the main transmission track by a separate mechanical arm. From entering the system, each egg runs independently to avoid damage due to collisions;

5. Packing eggs into egg trays

The mechanical arm that contains the egg products will open the mechanical arm by itself after reaching the designated conveyor belt filled with egg trays, the eggs will fall into the flexible egg-receiving bucket, and then sink to the egg tray;

6. Egg tray delivery

According to the actual situation on-site, the egg tray can be dispatched manually or automatically.

7. Finished product conveying

The packed eggs are output through the conveyor belt, and stacked by manual or automatic stacking machine;

8. Control system

The operation parameter setting and operation of the whole machine can be controlled through the touch screen, and the statistics of different grades of eggs can be performed, and the working status of each system can be detected.

Technical Data of Automatic Egg Grading Packing Line

  • Model : TD-101-3-1
  • Dimension: 9.2m *9m *1.55m ( L*W*H )
  • Power: 5KW
  • Capacity: 25,000-30,000 pieces/hour
  • Application: fresh eggs