Introduction of Quail Egg Boiling & Shell Breaking Machine

This quail egg boiling & shell breaking machine is multifunctional egg equipment. The machine can not only boil the quail eggs but also break the eggshell when the quail egg is boiled.

quail eggs boiling machine with breaking function
  • The machine is made of full 304 stainless steel.
  • It can be heated by electricity or gas.
  • High capacity and easy operation.
  • In addition, we can offer boiled quail eggs peeling machine after this egg equipment to finish the pre-process of quail egg products.
details of egg boiling and shell breaking machine

Features of Multifunctional Quail Egg Boiling Machine

  1. This machine has the egg yolk centering function, so as to solve the breakage problem caused by yolk partial inside when peeling.
  2. After yolk centering and preheating, the machine starts boiling quail eggs. When boiling, the boiling chamber keeps rotating, which can make the egg be heated evenly and make the egg cooked at the same level.
  3. As soon as the quail eggs are boiled, the machine starts breaking the eggshell automatically. The cooked quail eggs with broken eggshells are discharged directly, rinse with cool water for cooling, and then they will be put into the quail egg peeling machine for peeling. Greatly saves time and improves processing
features of egg boiling machine with boiled egg shell breaking function

Technical Data Quail Egg Boiling and Shell Breaking Machine

Model ZD70 ZD100
Power 550w 750w
Voltage 220v 220v
Capacity 70 kg/batch, 300kg/hr 100 kg/batch, 500 kg/hr
Dimension 1150*650*1160 mm 1550*650*1100 mm