Introduction of Eggshell Grinding Machine

Our eggshell grinding machine is used to process eggshell into eggshell powder. Regarding producing eggshell powder, the process is: washing eggshell→ drying eggshell→ grinding eggshell→ sieving eggshell powder. And remember that making eggshell into small pieces before grinding. For the whole process, it mainly needs three machines: eggshell drying machine, eggshell grinding machine, and eggshell sieving machine. For the eggshell washing machine, it is customized as your needs.
egg shell grinder

Features of Eggshell Grinding Machine

  1. The machine uses the high-speed relative motion of the active fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc to impact and crush the raw material.
  2. The different sizes of granules can be acquired by changing different screens.
  3. The whole machine is designed according to GMP standards and is made of stainless steel.
  4. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, easy cleaning, and is ideal crushing equipment.

details of egg shell powder making machine

Working Principle of Eggshell Grinding Machine

1. This eggshell grinding machine is a simple structure, with a good crushing effect, the ground material can directly be discharged by the main machine grinding chamber, the particle size can be changed by changing the mesh screen with different pore sizes.


2. The broken eggshells get into the grinding chamber, then by means of relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs, eggshell is crushed through impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the material. Then after being screened by the mesh, it becomes the final powder needed.

Eggshell Dryer

Eggshell Dryer Inside

Eggshell Sieving Machine

Eggshell Dryer Inside
Eggshell Sieving Machine

Technical Parameters of Eggshell Powder Grinding Machine

Model Capacity (kg/h) Spindle speed (r/min) Feeding size (mm) Fineness of finished product (mesh) Motor power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
15B 20-150 6000 < 10 20-120 2.2 150 550*400*850
20B 40-200 4500 < 10 20-120 4 280 600*550*1250
30B 80-400 3800 < 12 20-120 7.5 340 700*600*1450
40B 160-800 3400 < 15 20-120 11 450 900*800*1550
50B 200-1000 3000 < 18 20-120 15 600 1050*850*1750
60B 250-1500 2800 < 20 20-120 22 900 1100*900*1880
80B 350-2000 2400 < 25 20-120 37 1250 1200*950*2000
100B 500-3000 2000 < 28 20-120 55 1580 1350*1000*2100