Introduction of Eggshell & Egg Liquid Separator

Eggshell & egg liquid separator is popular in the eggs processing field with mainly two functions. One is for the broken eggs, it’s used to separate egg liquid from the eggshells. The other one is for the intact eggs, it can break the eggs firstly, then separate the eggshell from the egg liquid fast. Moreover, it can also crush the eggshells to reduce the size of eggshells, so that the eggshell is much easier to be processed, such as making eggshell powder by eggshell grinding machine. This liquid egg machine is widely used in egg liquid processing plants as assist equipment.

centrifugal eggshell & liquid egg separating machine


eggshell & liquid egg separator machine


Features of Eggshell and Liquid Separating Machine

* Adopts food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable and healthy.
* Humanized design, adopts special centrifugal mechanism design, convenient for dismounting and cleaning.
* No liquid blocking, filter well, no granule impurities.
* High efficiency, high egg liquid gain rate: 99%.
* Large capacity, small size, save area and invest cost.
* Automatically collect shell and liquid, economic and practical, labor-saving.

Feature of Eggshell and Liquid Separating Machine

Application of Eggshell Separator

Eggshell & liquid egg separating machine is widely used in eggs powder processing factory, eggs processing factory, cake factory, bakery, western-style food restaurant, ice cream producing factory, etc.

Application of Eggshell Separator

Technical Parameters of Eggshell and Liquid Separator

Model ALEB-4 ALEB-5
Raw material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Capacity 20,000eggs/hour 20,000-25,000 eggs/hr
Power 5.5kw,50hz 5.5kw
Voltage 380v, 3 phase 380v
Machine size 1800*680*1150mm 1040*950*1400mm
Function Breaking, separating eggshell and liquid (yolk and egg white not separated)

Working Video of ALEB-4 Eggshell & Liquid Separator