Introduction of Egg Peeling Machine

Eggs peeling machine is a special peeling machine for shelling boiled chicken eggs automatically. It can shell eggs in high efficiency and with little breakage. It is the best choice for manufacturers to make boiled eggs, spiced eggs, other egg products, etc. This egg peeling machine can be used in the eggs processing production line or used alone.

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Characteristics of Egg Peeling Machine

1. Made of food-grade stainless steel, durable, safe, and healthy.
2. Compact structure. Special roller design. No hurt to the eggs
3. High efficiency, low breakage rate. Easy to clean, easy to move.
4. Feeding and discharging automatically labor cost saving.
5. Automatic collect eggshell.
6. It is the most advanced eggs peeling equipment in China for now.

Egg Peeling Machine Characteristics

Eggs Boiling & Peeling Line Working Process

We can also supply the whole line of egg boiling and peeling for you. This egg peeling line has the following working process.
Boiling hen eggs→Puncturing eggs→Cooling and Peeling eggs→Conveying to the container.

Eggs Boiling and Peeling Line Working Process

Application of Boiled Egg Peeling Machine

Boiled eggs peeling machine is widely used in egg wholesale food factories, hotels, fast food shops, egg processing factories, airline catering suppliers. This machine can save labor and time, increase the productivity of eggshell peeling.

Application of of Hen Egg Peeling Machine

Egg Peeling Machine Advantages

Egg Peeling Machine Advantages

Technical Parameters of Boiled Egg Peeling Machine

Model TD-5000N TD-8000N
Power 2 kw 4.8 kw
Capacity 5,000-6,000 eggs/hr 10,000-15,000 eggs/hr
Dimension 2800*1000*1200 mm 5100*2300*1700 mm
Weight 200 kg 400 kg
Material 304 stainless steel

Test Video of TD-8000N Boiled Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine