Egg Liquid Filter Description

Egg Liquid Filter is designed for a filtrating broken eggshell or another impurity which still remain in the egg liquid. It is suitable for whole egg liquid, egg yolk, egg white. This filter machine can be used in a bakery food shop and egg flour mills, it is also the best choice in egg processing production line. The main components include a balance tank, rotor pump, and distribution box and double filtration tubes. As our independent design, this filter adopts double pipeline filtering, can filter the liquid twice and make the eggshell very pure and quite meet food industry requirement.
Egg Liquid Filter Description

Egg Liquid Filter Characteristics


1. Adopt high-quality food grade SUS304 material, hygiene, durable and anti-corrosion.
2. High efficiency in filtering egg liquid impurity, stable performance, low noise.
3. This filter is continuous working, the advanced pressure differences technology generated from the rotor pump guarantees filtrated egg liquid with uniform and smooth quality.
4. The trendy and fashion designed appearance and very larger working efficiency.
5. It saves energy and labors and also provides you the biggest rate of revenues on investment.
6. Can be equipped with egg breaking machine in egg processing production line.

Egg Liquid Filter Operating Instruction

Egg Liquid Filter Technology Parameters

Model ALELF-1
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 1.5 kW
Flow Rate 1 Ton/Hour
Filter Screen 120 mesh
Dimension 1000*900*650mm