Egg Boiling Machine Introduction

This boiling machine is consist of a boiling container, boiling body, water reservoir, temperature controller, water filling pipe and other components. You only need to fill water into the water reservoir, open the power, then adjust temperature controller, finally pour the fresh eggs on the boiling container until getting the boiled eggs to process the next procedure such as egg peeling process. The boiling machine can be customized according to your requirement. It adopts advanced heat processing technology to guarantee quality and nutrition without drain from eggs.
* Hen egg boiling machine is specially designed to boil various kinds of eggs, like chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, bird eggs, etc. You can use it together with hen eggs peeling machine.
* Quail egg boiling machine is used for boiling quail eggs. It can be used together with quail eggs peeling machine.

Egg Boiling Machine

Egg Boiling Machine Features

1. Wide usage and highly automatic operation.
2. Larger capacity and compact machine structure.
3. Hygiene and safety, the whole stainless steel guarantees more hygiene and health.
4. The temperature makes the operation simple and easy.
5. This machine has lower noise and convenient to maintain.
6. High efficiency, reliable performance, and longer service life.
7. Various types for your choice and customized production for satisfying demands.
Egg Boiling Machine Feature

egg boiling process step 1 egg boiling process step 2

egg boiling process step 3

Egg Boiling Machine Application

Egg Boiling Machine Application* It can be used to boil various eggs, such as hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, corned eggs and spiced eggs, and so on.
* The machine is widely applied in food processing factories, egg wholesale, hotels, fast food shops, egg factories, airline catering, and so on.
* Besides the above-mentioned application, the quail egg processing and making production line is the best choice via equipping a quail egg breaking machine and egg shelling or peeling machine.

Egg Boiling Machine Parameters

Capacity  200kg/h
Wave Power   1.5kw
 Electric Power  18kw
Heating source Electric or Steam
Dimension 2000*500*800mm

Working Video of Egg Cooking Machine