Introduction of Boiled Egg Shell Removing Machine

The boiled egg shell removing machine is a kind of special egg equipment, and it is suitable for peeling hard-boiled eggs, marinated eggs, salted eggs.

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Features of Boiled Egg Shell Remover Machine

  1. Special machine for removing eggshell, high efficiency, low breakage rate.
  2. Made of 304 stainless steel, safe and hygienic.
  3. Special design, compact structure, beauty, and utility.
details of Machine to peel boiled eggs

Technical Data of Egg Shell Removing Machine

  • Model: TD-200-1
  • Dimension:7M*1.53M*1.735M (L*W*H)
  • Power: 0.6kw
  • Capacity: 6,000-8,000 eggs/hour
  • Application: suitable for removing eggshells of boiled eggs, marinated eggs, salted eggs.

Working Video of Boiled Egg Removal Machine