Introduction of Egg Packer Machine

The automatic egg packer machine can adjust the orientation of eggs while conveying them in rows to ensure that the big ends of the eggs face upwards uniformly after the eggs are placed in the tray, which ensures the freshness of the eggs in storage. This automatic egg packing machine is widely used in the automatic eggs processing plant.

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Features of Automatic Egg Packer

  1. The automatic egg packer machine can be connected to the central egg collection system;
  2. Automatically load poultry eggs, and adjust the big end up at the same time, which is conducive to the storage of eggs;
  3. Make statistics on the output of each shift;
  4. Suitable for 5*6paper trays and plastic trays;
  5. Egg trays can be dispatched manually or automatically.

Functions of Automatic Egg Packer Machine

functions and details of automatic egg tray packing machine

1. Conveying eggs in rows

The eggs are transported to the table in rows through the central egg collection belt, and then the eggs are transported in rows in an orderly manner;

2. Adjusting the egg orientation

The eggs on the conveyor roller pass through the device to form a unified orientation of the large and small heads of the egg to facilitate the subsequent loading, and maintain the large end of the egg up when putting into the egg tray;

3. Conveying system

Adopting longitudinal rotation system, single egg conveying, realizing high-speed conveying channel;

4. Egg tray

Place the eggs with the big end up through the conveying channel and place them in the tray in order;

5. Egg tray delivery

According to the actual situation on-site, automatic or manual delivery can be used for egg tray delivery;

6. Finished product conveying

The packed eggs are output through the conveyor belt and stacked by manual or automatic tray stacking machine;

7. Control system

Through the touch screen operation control, the equipment output can be set, and the output of each chicken house can be counted when there are multiple chicken houses;

Technical Data of Automatic Egg Packer Machine

  • Model: TD-110-3Z
  • Dimensions: 9.24M*3M*1.55M (L*W*H )
  • Power: 2.4KW
  • Capacity: 30000-36000 pieces/hour
  • Application: fresh eggs