Eggshell powder is made by discarded eggshell. Eggshell, which occupies about 10%-12% of egg weight, is a natural source of calcium. It also contains a certain amount of protein and enzyme. When eggshell is ground into powder, the conservation rate of the calcium is much higher. The eggshell powder has many functions as follows.

eggshell powder usages

Used as fodder

The eggshell contains about 94% of calcium carbonate, 1% of magnesium carbonate, 4% of organic matter and 1% of calcium phosphate. Besides, it is also rich in iron and protein, which are essential nutrient substance for the growth of poultry. So eggshell powder can be used as a calcium feed additive to promote the growth and development of livestock and poultry. Using this eggshell powder to feed hens, it can help hens laying more eggs and extend the laying period.

Used as fertilizer

Adding eggshell powder into the soil can improve the physical properties of soil–making it looser, and enhance the permeability and drainage. Thus making the soil beneficial to the growth of root and branches. Meanwhile, the soil is conducive to the growth of microorganisms. The growth activity of microorganisms can decompose the organic matter existed in soil, so plants can utilize the nutrient and grow stronger.

Used as an abrasive agent in toothpaste

Calcium carbonate, whose content is in overwhelming superiority in eggshell, is one of the commonly used abrasive for toothpaste. The dosage of an abrasive agent in toothpaste occupies 20% to 60%, while calcium carbonate occupies 50%. Using light calcium carbonate as an abrasive agent is much cheaper than others. Besides, light calcium carbonate present as slightly alkaline, which can neutralize acidic metabolites that resulted from plaque bacteria, so the oral PH value can be decreased to about 5.5.

Used in the food industry

The eggshell powder can be applied to food. It can be used as calcium intensifying agent. Adding eggshell powder into bread, noodles, cake, and sausage can strengthen their intensity. When frying, mixing the eggshell powder with the food can strengthen crispily. The eggshell powder can also be used as a hardener for water, de-acidifying agent for a drink and so on.

Highly automated egg breaking machine, eggshell and liquid separator and eggshell grinding machine can be used to separate eggshell and liquid, then process eggshell into powder.