Egg white is very common in our social life. It is rich in proteins and can promote the growth of cells. But there are many uses about it that we may not be awarded. Now let’s see how it can be used.

how to use egg white
wide use of egg white

1. Clean blackhead

The theory of this method is making use of the viscidity and adsorbability of egg white to absorb the blackhead. Egg white is a natural ingredient. It can not only clean blackhead but also lubricate surrounding skin. First, take one fresh egg, then separate the egg yolk and egg white. Prepare one cotton pad and dip it into egg white, then take it out and apply on the nose. Be careful to tear it off 10 to 15 minutes later.

2. Used as a face mask

Egg white contains lecithin, which is an efficient material for skin care. It is also rich in collagen protein which can tighten and moisten skin. So egg white is often used as a face mask. The method is mixing egg white with honey, then apply it all over on your face evenly. This is the perfect skin treatment which has the function of tightening pores, softening skin and improving acne.

3. Treat burns

Take moderate egg white and mix with white spirit, then smear it on the burns. It can alleviate pain and make the burns heal fast.

4. Used as paint

Mix pigment with egg white to create a paint. The tempera painting which prevails in the 15th century is just using this method. In the Renaissance period, Italian painter like Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo all used this painting technique and obtained great achievements.


5. Used as water tank leaking stoppage agent

If there is something wrong with the water tank and you do not have leaking stoppage agent, you can use egg white. Put the egg white into the water tank, it will be cooked in the leak and then can block the leaks.

6. Used as glue

Egg white has adhesive properties and can be used as a glue to join lightweight objects together. It can be used to fix glassworks and chinaware. The method is mixing egg white with clay, then smear it on the fracture surface of the products.

7. Haircare

Hair experts found that egg white can clean out the oil sludge on the hair.

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