Eggshell is a common thing in life; most people would get rid of it directly, but few people will take it up. In fact, the eggshell has wide usage, then let’s see them below.


1. Wipe furniture.

After washing the fresh eggshell in the water, there will be a kind of mixture of protein and water. It will increase the gloss after using the mixture to clean the glass or other furniture.

2. Clean the thermos.

If there is some dirt in the bottle, you can put a stamp of eggshell, add some water and swing so that it can go to scale.

3. Wash the glass bottle.

Put some crushed eggshells in the small glass decanters, fill it up with water and place for 1 or 2 days. Also, you can shake a few times, then the oil dirties will fall off automatically.

4. Small handicraft.

Coated the empty eggshell with paints, you can get some arts and crafts.

5. Anti-inflammatory analgesic.

Crush the eggshell into powder, and apply to the wound, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

6. Treat the burns.

There is a thin layer of egg membrane inside the eggshell. When you have anybody who burns, you can gently knock out an egg, expose the egg membrane, and deposit it in the wound. After 10 days, the wound will be healed. Another advantage is that it can relieve pain after smearing.

7. Cook the calcium rice.

You can bake the eggshell in the pot after washing, crush them into powder, and then mix them with the boiled rice, so that is “calcium rice”. It is good for either people to suffer from calcium deficiency or normal persons.

8. Cook coffee.

When you boil coffee, you can add some eggshells (about two cups of coffee plus a half eggshell), it can make coffee sweet.

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