Eggs are ideal for breakfast and other cooking as an accompanied dish in our daily life. Egg white and egg yolk are abundant of amino acids, vitamins and choline to supply our body for absorption. It is important for us to select fresh eggs for cooking.

choose fresh eggs

1. Selecting eggs from the family refrigerator storage

In this case, what you do is only to prepare a bowl of cold water, and gently put the eggs into it. If your egg sink, then it is fresh, otherwise the egg is bad, you can dispose of it off immediately. The cause for floating eggs is that the air flows into the eggshell. Eggs which have been stored for a long time would have a lot of air within the shell.

2. Selecting eggs from the supermarket stores

Choose eggs with clean, uncracked shells. Salmonella tends to live on the exterior of the eggshell and can travel into the interior via cracks. And meanwhile, avoid buying out-of-date eggs. When the eggs are over time, the egg yolk will absorb water from the egg white, making some of its thickening and leavening abilities lost, and the eggs york becomes easily broken. Selecting the most useful and economical size. The weight decides the sizing of eggs. Large eggs perform best for most applications.

3. Selecting eggs from farms

When you come to farms to select eggs, you should choose certified organic eggs. The reason for this is that the certified organic eggs come from chickens that have been fed organic feed and kept in healthy living conditions. Select medium or small eggs as they tend to have thicker shells than large eggs, so they are not easy to be contaminated by bacteria. It also should be paid attention to that nesting hens should be kept in a fenced area and nest litter should be kept clean and dry and changed frequently. The eggs should be collected before 10:00 to prevent egg dirty, broken and lose interior quality.

4. Selecting different kinds of eggs

When we go shopping for fresh eggs, it is essential for us to choose organic eggs which have no antibiotics, free-range eggs breed from pastured hens which eat green, seeds, worms and bugs.

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