As an inexpensive source of nutrients, eggs play an important role in our diet. They can be prepared by themselves easily while also present as key ingredients in many recipes. Choosing the right eggs thus becomes a common question that one has to face.

white eggs and brown eggs

Large or small

As we can see in the supermarket or other places, the egg does not have a uniform size. The weight of the egg is also different. A dozen large eggs weight at least 24 ounces, a dozen medium eggs weigh at least 21 ounces while a dozen small eggs weigh at least 18 ounces. Then why eggs have different size and weight? Younger hens often lay small eggs but have a large density as its egg production cycles are not yet synchronized. Larger eggs are laid by older hens. It turns out that egg texture and quality have nothing to do with its size and weight.

Brown or white

Some people believed that brown eggshell egg is healthier than a white eggshell egg. In fact, it is not true. White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white feathers and brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers. For example, White Leghorn lays white eggshell eggs while Rhode Island Red lay brown eggshell eggs. The color of the egg doesn’t affect its quality and nutrients.

How to select fresh eggs?

how to buy fresh eggs

People want fresh eggs when buying. Then how to select fresh eggs in front of so many eggs? First, listen. Hold the egg in your hand and then shake it. If there is swinging sound it can’t be a fresh egg. Second, look. You’d better not buy eggs with sand points, because the eggshell is very thin and bacteria can go through very easily. Buy eggs with clean eggshell, otherwise, the eggshell may carry salmonella and other viruses. Third, smell. Blown on the eggs and then smell. Fresh eggs have a light quick lime smell, while bad eggs have the funk and foul smell. Fourth, put the egg in water. Fresh eggs fall to the bottom of the water, while bad egg may float on the water.

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