Chicken egg is the kind of thing that we eat almost every day, which is rich in protein and conducive to nutrition absorption. However, it only remains fresh for 10-20 days at room temperature. Then how to prolong the freshness of chicken eggs becomes increasingly important.

fresh eggs

  1. For long term storage, the mixture of sodium silicate is quite popular. It is a conventional way to store fresh chicken eggs. The sodium silicate can adhere to the eggshell to block the pores, which effectively avoid the emission of carbon dioxide from the inside, prevent the outside bacteria from entering into the egg and curb the breeding of bacteria. Besides, it has the function of anticorrosion. You can keep the eggs fresh up to 7 months with this simple method.
  2. According to the recommendation of the United States Department of Agriculture, cover the eggs with a lime solution and keep them in stoneware crock is another method to keep eggs fresh for at least 2 months.
  3. You can simply get help from mineral oil. Heat some mineral oil slightly and apply to every egg evenly, so that it gets coated. Now you can place the carton in the room temperature or even in the fridge as per your choice. Don’t worry, the freshness of chicken eggs would be retained for at least 5 months.
  4. Put the fresh chicken eggs into the storage, seal around and fill into 50-60% carbon dioxide to curb the emission of carbon dioxide inside the egg, reducing the respiration to prolong the shelf life of chicken eggs.
  5. Unwashed eggs retain their freshness for a longer time. There are many pores and a thin film in the eggshell. The film is a natural protection, if it remains undamaged, the egg will retain its freshness longer.
  6. You can take a container and fill it with a natural preservative like wood ash, chaff, sawdust, bran, etc. These soft materials can buffer the mechanical damage from outside, reduce the impact of temperature and enhance moisture absorption ability. Therefore, the chicken eggs keep in the dry conditions, and the spoilage bacteria activity will be curbed.
  7. It will be better to use dry red beans, mung beans and soybeans instead of wood ash, chaff, sawdust, bran, etc. The beans breathe continuously, consume oxygen around the eggs and produce carbon dioxide. Therefore, both the spoilage bacteria activity and metabolism of eggs themselves will be curbed. And the chicken eggs can keep their freshness at least 7 months.