The chicken eggs are laid by the female hen and have been eaten by humans for thousands of years. The chicken eggs consist of a protective eggshell, egg white and egg yolk, contained various membranes, significant amounts of protein and choline which are beneficial for our health, therefore, the ways to preserve eggs is imperative to keep fresh and avoid nutrition value running away.


Background of Storing Eggs

The main reasons for preserving eggs are to ensure food safety and balance a lack of supply. Eggs are fragile and can be full of bacteria, preserve only fresh, free-blemish eggs without cracks, dirt or soiling on the shell will ensure eggs safety. Besides, the hen lays egg much more in spring and summer than autumn and winter, so we should preserve the superfluous eggs to eat in autumn or winter for lack of egg supply.

Ways of Storing Eggs

1. Preservation with Limewater.

To prepare limewater for the preservation of eggs, should dissolve 1 pound or 1 pint of salt and 1 quart of finely slaked lime in 3 gallons of water, then stir the solution at frequent interval until the liquid settle. Place the eggs in the tall stone crocks with their pointed ends turned down, pour the clear limewater over the eggs, rising an inch or two above the top layer. And in the end, stand the crock in a cool place, the temperature is not exceeding 50℃ F and keeping for 6-8 months., and the egg can be kept fresh for 15 months.

2. Preservation with Water Glass.

In this way, the solution of water glass is the commercial form, because it is usually a mixture of potassium and sodium silicate, which, besides cheaper price and is suitable for the purpose of preserving eggs. Another, the water glass is available to anywhere in powder retail, such as in drug or grocery stores for 10 cents per pound. The procedure is simple, dissolve 1 part of water glass in 7 parts of warm water which have been first boiled to remove the bacteria, mold, spores and etc. Then the solution of desired strength is made to preserve eggs effectively. The last what we did is pouring the mixture of water glass on the prepared eggs to cover all the eggs. And put them in a cool place for several months, the eggs can be kept fresh for 2 years.

3. Preservation with Mineral Oil.

The mineral oil is any of a various colorless, odorless, and light mixture of alkanes, which is a liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum and has the function of food preservation due to its properties of preventing water absorption. If it used to preserve egg, the fist you should do is warming the mineral oil, and then put on your gloves to coat the egg surfaces, and then put the pointed end down in stone crocks, the next is put them in the refrigerator or in the room temperature place from 35-40℃. in this process, don’t worry about the unevenness, only if do the surface is a coat. In this way to keep the eggs for 8 months.

4. Other Ways to Preserve Eggs.

There are, besides above, many other ways to store eggs, including keeping in a container filling with natural preservatives and unwashed eggs in dry sand or coat some vaseline on the eggs, all of these ways are easy to operate and the effect is better in our daily life.

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