Eggs contain much nutrition which is requisite to our routine life for absorbing by our body. They are widely applied in the baking industry for bread, cakes, and cookies; ice cream and frozen desserts; and applied into confectionery, sauces, meal replacement, beverages and prepared foods for their exclusive characteristics in the egg processing industry. It is necessary that we get to know the history of egg production.

history of eggs

The Ancient Times

Birds and eggs preceded man in the evolutionary chain. East Indian history recorded the earliest feeding of wildfowl in 3200 B.C. Egyptian and China recorded egg laying by fowl for man in 1400 B.C., and the Europeans began feeding hens from 600 B.C. Fowl existed in the Americas prior to Columbus’ arrival. But it is believed that it is Columbus that carried to the New World in 1493 the first of the chickens associated with those in egg production now.

The Early 1900s

In the 1920s and 1930s, the hens are still mostly fed in the family yard, for self-sufficiency and the extra ones are sold for money. As selling eggs became profitable, some farms started feeding a large number of hens. The selective breeding and medicines research helped to beneficially develop the history of eggs.

The Mid to Late 1900s

From this time, the facilities feeding hens turned to the cage system, which is divided unit for a flock of hens by separated wire housing. By this feeding system, the sanitation was improved from hens to eggs without contacting waste. And meanwhile, it can increase the health and further the egg-laying capacity. Feeding became more uniform which resulted in more uniform egg-nutrient quality. In colder climates, farmers modified the southern structures by enclosing them and adding fans for ventilation, while the fans provided the right temperatures in the summer. Conveyor belts were added to collect the eggs and carry them to the washers. Egg production becomes more automated.

The Modern Times

In modern times, quite a large number of laying hens and laying birds are fed to produce vast quantities of fresh eggs for our daily life, due to using highly and advanced egg processing machines. The eggs produced are mostly used by consumers, some for food service, some are turned into egg processing products. Eggs have become one of the essential foods for us.

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