As we all know the egg is beneficial for our body. It is composed of three parts, that is eggshell, egg yolk, and egg white. Egg yolk contains over 90% of calcium and iron, while egg white includes half of the protein. So no matter which part you like to eat, it can provide the nutrient that your body needs every day. The nutrients of eggs benefit our health in the following way.

eggs benefits for health

Eggs Help With Weight Loss

For those who want to lose weight, eating a boiled egg is absolutely an ideal choice. One egg contains about 78 calories and is rich in protein. People need protein because it is beneficial for muscle building. Amino acids are found existed in protein, and it’s an important macronutrient which provides structure for cellular walls. The low-calorie content and high nutritional value make boiled eggs a good snack to reach your weight loss goal. Rich proteins existed in boiled egg make you feel full, so you won’t eat too much at the next meal.

Eggs Help Strengthen Brain

Egg yolk contains lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol and lutein, which plays an important role in the physical development of the nervous system. These elements can improve the memory of all age groups and delay the intellectual deterioration of old people.

Eggs Help Protect Liver

Proteins existed in eggs can repair liver tissue injury. Egg yolk contains lecithin which can promote regeneration of liver cells, and at the same time improve the amounts of human plasma proteins so as to enhance the body’s metabolism and immune function.

Eggs help prevent arteriosclerosis

American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to prevent and treat atherosclerosis, which achieves unexpected surprising effects.

Eggs help prevent cancer

Eggs are rich in vitamin B2, which can decompose and oxidize the cancerogenic substance existed in the human body. Vitamin D could increase survival rates for those with breast cancer and bowel cancer. Microelements, such as selenium and zinc, existed in egg also have the function of preventing cancer.

Eggs are good for your eyes

Lutein and zeaxanthin contained in eggs are beneficial for your eyes. If you want to avoid any eye problems like cataract, you can consume eggs. These antioxidants can help strengthen retina and protect it from free radical damages.

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