People are familiar with eggs. Crack an eggshell we can see the yellow egg yolk, egg white, and membranes. As to the color of eggshell, it is normally white or brown. Eggs are rich in protein and healthy for people. Some people like to eat it, while others may hate it. Whether you like it or not, let’s see some fun facts about eggs.

How to distinguish eggs?

If you want to distinguish fresh eggs from hard-boiled ones, it is easy—you just have to spin the eggs. If it wobbles, it’s raw. If it easily spins, it’s hard-boiled one. To tell if an egg is fresh, put the egg in water, a fresh egg will sink, while stale egg will float, as when the egg is stored for a too long time, the air space in it will increase.


The color of eggshell

Eggshell color depends on the type of hens. White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white features and white lobes, while brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers and red lobes. Brown eggs are usually slightly larger than white eggs. It is believed that the color of the eggshell has nothing to do with hen’s diet. But there are exceptions, for example, the Easter Egger, the eggs they lay are pale blue, green and pink.

Which color egg is healthier?

Europeans like brown shell eggs, while Americans prefer white shell eggs. Does that mean the color they prefer is healthier? No. According to professors, there is no difference in nutrition between these two color eggs, nor does the color affect the quality and flavor.


Eggshell, which is largely composed of calcium carbonate, protects the egg in it from contamination. Eggshell strength depends on the diet of hens. If the shell is thick, it proves that the hen eats good foods. Eggshell thickness also has a relation with egg size which is relevant to the hens’ age in turn. When the hen becomes older, it will lay larger eggs, while the bigger the eggs, the thinner the shells. Eggshell surfaces have 17,000 pores, which is for inside eggs to absorb the odors and flavors.

Sizes of eggs

Eggs have different sizes. A dozen small eggs weigh more than 18 ounces, while a dozen medium eggs weigh at least 21 ounces, a dozen large eggs weigh above 24 ounces, a dozen extra-large eggs weigh beyond 27 ounces. The largest single egg ever laid weighed a pound, which includes a double yolk and double shell.

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