Egg allergies are one of the most common food allergies. Egg allergies are related to proteins. The immune system mistakenly identifies protein as harmful invader and overreacts by releasing chemicals, such as histamine, to defend against it, which results in troublesome allergy

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symptoms. Both of the egg white and yolk contain protein, but those in the white are more likely to cause an allergic reaction. It’s advised that patients with an egg allergy should avoid eggs entirely, as it is not possible to completely separate egg white and yolk.

Symptoms of Egg Allergy

Egg allergies are commonly found in children, More than 2 percent of children are allergic to eggs. Fortunately, about 70% percent will outgrow it by the age of 16. Symptoms of egg allergy occur shortly after eating eggs. They may include: skin reactions, such as eczema or hives; red, watery eyes; breathing difficulty, wheezing, or runny nose; stomach pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea; swelling of lips, tongue, or face; etc. In extremely rare cases, anaphylactic may occur, which is a life-threatening reaction.

Egg Allergy Treatment

See a doctor if you have the above symptoms of egg allergy, better at the time of egg reaction, which will help the doctor make the right diagnosis.
In daily life, you also should note several things. First, If you are an allergy to eggs, you should avoid eating eggs. Before eating foods, always read the label carefully and ask about the ingredients of

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foods prepared by others. Use alternatives to eggs in recipes. People with an allergy to chicken eggs may also be allergic to the eggs of other birds, such as goose, duck, or quail. Second, some flu vaccines and the yellow fever vaccine contain traces of egg protein. If you are an allergy to eggs, just inform your health care providers. Cosmetics can sometimes have eggs in them too.

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