Breakfast is very important for the whole day. Many people have eggs for their breakfast since they contain many nutrients and are quite easy to prepare.

Egg Breakfast Recipes

Fried eggs
Fried eggs are very easy to make. The prepare time that you need is only 1 minute. First heat 2 teaspoons of oil in the pan, then break eggs and slip into the pan when the oil is hot. At this time you should reduce the heat to a low level. Cook slowly until egg whites are completely set and egg yolks begin to thicken, then turned it over carefully in pan and cook the other side to your desired doneness. Sprinkle with salt and pepper according to your personal taste.
Scrambled eggs
Prepare 2 tomatoes and 3 eggs. First, break eggs into the bowl and add in some salt, then stir it evenly. Heat 3 teaspoons of oil in the pan, pour the egg into the pan and cook it. Then put tomatoes into the pan and mix them, stir fry until OK to eat. You can also add scallions for good taste and good looking.
Hard boiled eggs
Wash eggs in clean water then put it in the boiler with water. 7 or 8 minutes later the egg is OK for you to enjoy. This method is the easiest, but the nutrient content in hard-boiled eggs are the highest.
Steamed egg custard
First, break the egg into the bowl, then add in some salt according to your taste, next pour into equivalent warm water. Stir evenly with chopsticks or whisk. Cover the bowl with plastic wraps, then poke a few holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick, place the bowl into a steamer, a few minutes later you can enjoy the delicious egg custard.

Above mentioned are just some easy egg breakfast recipes, there are many other egg breakfast ideas for you to discover. If you are interested in eggs business, our eggs processing machinery can surely meet your needs.

Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are the rich sources of vitamins. Vitamin D in eggs can protect your bones and boost immunity. Vitamin A can increase immunity and promote cell regeneration. One egg can provide over 20% of your recommended daily value. Eggs also have many other benefits. They can help weight loss, strengthen the brain, protect the liver, prevent cancer, prevent and treat atherosclerosis, etc.